Green Umbrella Medicinals
Contact: Cheryl Lycette & Brian Nichols
Address: 2052 New Cumberland road Pleasantville, NS, B0R1G0
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Phone: 902-932-4906
About Us
Green Umbrella Medicinals is made up of the happily married couple, Cheryl Lycette (a former Naturopathic doctor of over 26 years) and Brian Nichols (a Renaissance man with a vast array of talents and skills). After living in Halifax for over 20 years, we decided we had to move to a rural setting and get closer to nature. We had always traveled to the Lunenburg area during vacation time and could not think of a better location to transplant to. For more info on our multi-skilled backgrounds, please visit our website.

We source our plant allies, here at the top edge of the Petite Riviere watershed on Nova Scotia’s South Shore, from the fields and forests of our 67 acre property, neighbour’s organic gardens, woodlands, bogs and remote byways and beaches. We harvest with respect to ensure continuing abundance and only when each herb is in the perfect stage of maturity.

Our tinctures are made using food grade alcohol to extract the medicinal qualities of plants. We prefer to have our tinctures at a dilution of 1:1 Meaning, we “just cover” the processed plant material in 40% ethanol for various lengths of time. This ensures that our finished tinctures are simple, strong and effective. Dr. Cheryl uses her over 30 years of working with herbal medicine and patients to formulate effective combinations she has come to rely on.

We make our own grafted homoeopathics and will be offering single remedies as well as a FIRST AID KITS containing 20 remedies.

Our C.Salts are hand crafted in small batches. The carefully sourced seawater is slowly simmered outdoors in a 50 liter cauldron on an open wood fire for five days. When reduced to 12 liters the brine is transferred indoors to trays atop our woodstove. As it further reduces, we harvest the crystals which are finally dried in a yet smaller tray. The resulting salts have high amounts of beneficial minerals. These organic minerals also greatly influence the C.Salt’s taste. For example, the magnesium chloride, which crystalizes last, gives it a crisp bitterness while potassium chloride provides tartness. Completely drying the salt gives it a rounder flavour.

We are now also making traditional “hot process” tallow and lard soap from grass fed sheep, pig and cattle from a neighbouring farm. This fat resource was being put in the landfill because our neighbour couldn’t interest anyone in it’s value as food or soap.This soap is amazingly moisturizing for the skin and very high in essential fatty acids. There are no colorants or scents added.