Out to Pasture Farm
Address: 300 Mossman Rd West Northfield, NS, B4V 5B6
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Phone: 902-521-4482
About Us
Out to Pasture Farm is a 7th generation family farm located in the LaHave River Valley. We offer ethically-raised products, grown exclusively on our farm.
You can purchase products here or at our meat shop from 9-12 on Saturday mornings. The shop is located at 300 Feener Corner Road, West Northfield - approximately 6 minutes from Exit 12. If you call ahead, we can have your order ready upon arrival. 902-521-4482.
Our farm is a grass-based operation. Our cattle, Belted Galloways, are a breed renowned for producing a high quality product on a diet consisting of pasture in the summer and hay in the winter. It takes an extra year to produce an animal in this way but the health benefits to the animal and consumer clearly warrant it. All cattle marketed through the farm are born on the farm. The lambs are born in late Spring to take advantage of the pasturing season and that's why our lamb starts to arrive to market in the Fall. Our chickens are certified free-range and our purchased locally as day-old chicks and our processed in our newly-built poultry abattoir. Our chicks arrive in a box and leave in a bag! Our turkeys are a different story. We sought a different breed of turkey and chose a variety only available in Ontario; therefore, they have a plane ride before arriving at our farm as day-old poults. Turkeys are great at utilizing pasture and our unique birds showcase this by finishing at lighter weights demanded by today's customers.