Geser Farm
Contact: Hans Geser
Address: 392 Burgess Mtn Rd Woodville, NS, B0P 1G0
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Phone: 902-678-4413
About Us
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This is Hans. I moved to the beautiful Annapolis Valley, to pursue my passion for farming from Austria, in 1995.
Loving the rich agricultural abundance, I felt this was the perfect place to follow my dreams, of having a bio-diverse farm, consisting of orchards, market gardens, livestock and forestry.
Here at Geser Farm, we work with nature, to preserve the land for future generations.
During the day, our cattle enjoy acres of lush pastures on a rotational schedule. At night, they enjoy the comforts of the barn, while allowing us to collect their manure to use in the orchard and garden.
While receiving a steady supply of chicken feed, our chickens have the freedom to roam the farm in search of tasty bugs and rich grasses to eat, from the orchard, to the manure pile and even in the garden.
Like our cattle, the garden is also on a rotational schedule. We use manure in the garden to replenish the nutrients lost when harvesting the crops. We place mulch in our pathways to help retain water, so we don't have to put an irrigation system in place.
We only use tractors for jobs on the farm that would be nearly impossible to do by hand such as working up the garden (plowing/tilling), haying and applying spray applications in the orchard. There are more walking miles covering the farm than driving miles!
Sadly because our farm is located in the heart of agriculture country we require to have a minimal spray schedule. We have chosen to use conventional products as they contain a water shield, allowing it to do its duty longer even with rainfall, resulting in less spray applications. Also these products only exterminate what they where designed to, not other living beings. During a wet growing season our spray applications go down as out motto is: " If you can't walk on it, you can't drive on it". (As a result, our products at times have minor flaws.)
Well I could continue to go on about our farming practices but let's keep it short and sweet, so we can enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer while treating her with kindness!