Suprima Farms
Address: 1388 Middle Dyke Rd Canning, NS, B0P 1H0
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Phone: 902-582-3044
About Us
"The best apple juice ever. Fresh, pure, tasty, and local." I am pleased to have this opportunity for you to enjoy our unsprayed apples and sweet apple cider we make from them. My family has been growing apples for 115 years in the Annapolis Valley. In 1993, we decided to find a way to grow vintage varieties of apples without the use of sprays. We grow the apples by using only human energy instead of fossil fuels. Find us on youtube to learn “How To Pick Apples at Suprima Farms” and about our “Grass Benders.”
All of our fresh apples and the apples we use to make our sweet apple cider are spray free. We use vintage varieties that are better able to withstand the fungus that can damage the usual apple varieties. Some blemishes do occur, but the apples are delicious, nutritious and loaded with antioxidants.

The Novamac and Novaspy varieties of apples were developed here in Nova Scotia in the 1960’s to withstand damage from apple fungus.

Nova Spy apples can be eaten fresh or used for juicing, cooking and baking. We offer 5 lb bags.

We offer 1 L and 2 L sizes of cold pressed, fresh-frozen, unpasteurized sweet apple cider made by blending ripe vintage Novamac and Novaspy apple varieties.

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