Mother Culture Ferments
City: Barss Corner, NS, B0R1A0
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Phone: 902-644-3620
About Us
All of my kimchi, ferments and products are made from fresh, local and organic produce. These creative, vegan, single-batch ferments are always changing with the seasons and reflect the abundance and variety of vegetables that are grown in this region. I often like to incorporate unconventional ingredients like seasonal fruit, flowers and herbs for additional depth of flavour and nutrition. I enjoy improvising with my standard recipes which allows for some fun variety from batch to batch. I grow as much as I can in my small but productive garden where I have been experimenting with bio-dynamic, organic and no-till methods since moving onto this land in 2004. These gardening techniques support and encourage microbial life and fertility in the soils, and I strive to produce clean, nutrient dense and highly mineralized vegetables by working with fresh seaweed, rock dust and aged biodynamic compost that comes from my ponies and chickens within the closed system of the farm unit. When I source outside of my gardens I like to use the beautiful produce grown by my fellow market peeps like the good folks at Soilmates, Rumptof, Pleasant Hill and Ted Hutten Farms. I only use my own, home-grown garlic as well as CERTIFIED ORGANIC gochugaru pepper flakes and CERTIFIED ORGANIC ginger in my kimchis. My craft kombucha and water kefir are always glass-brewed and never diluted when bottled. I sell multi-coloured eggs from my flock of free range hens that are never fed soy based feed. You can find me year round at various Farmers' markets around the south shore.

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